Protecting Victims Of Cyberstalking

Protecting Victims Of Cyberstalking

The internet provides a way to communicate instantly with a wide audience. As useful as that can be, it also provides dangerous predators with almost unlimited potential for online harassment, commonly referred to as “cyberstalking”.


Our Tampa firm has extensive experience in handling internet-related cases and petitioning the court for domestic violence restraining orders in cases involving cyberstalking. If you are being subjected to cyberstalking — receiving threatening emails, text messages, postings on social networking sites such as Facebook, or another type of internet activity — call 813-295-7854 to schedule a consultation.


Cyberstalking: A Prelude To Violence


Courts are reluctant to restrict an activity that is apparently harmless as email or postings on a website, particularly if the alleged harasser denies responsibility. Our attorneys will get cell phone records from the telephone company, identify the sender of text messages, and work with technology experts to expose internet spoofing, a method of concealing the identity of the sender of an email or poster on a webpage.


Our lawyers also work with psychological experts to demonstrate that internet threats, malicious rumors, accusations of “hooking up” and harassment are part of a pattern of escalating activity that often precedes a violent assault.

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