Child Custody Disputes

Resolving Florida Child Custody Disputes

Disputes over child custody and visitation, known as parenting time in Florida, can arise during a divorce or following the breakup of a relationship between unmarried parents.


The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. is here to help you work-out a parenting plan that protects your relationship with your children and ensures each parent will be able to maintain a relationship with their child(ren). We represent fathers and mothers throughout Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in working out custody and visitation plans and make sure the children are encouraged to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.


Despite everyone’s best efforts to amicably work out time-sharing, custody and visitation issues, some parents exercise extreme measures to influence a time-sharing arrangement. We have often represented parents who have been unjustly accused of spousal abuse, sexual abuse or other misconduct by their spouse in an effort to gain sole custody.


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Focusing On Your Child’s Best Interests


Florida courts are gender-neutral when determining which parent should have primary custody. Courts tend to favor a parenting plan that allows both parents to spend equal time with the child. If a parent believes that the best interests of the child would be to spend more time with one parent than the other, the burden is on that parent to prove to Court how the best interest of the child are being served.


Learn more about cooperative divorce and how it can help you determine a custody arrangement in a collaborative manner.


Many aspects of the child and family’s life are examined throughout the course of a custody case. The court may scrutinize the home and family environment of each parent to ensure that the child has a safe place in which to live and thrive. The child’s emotional well-being and safety in the home is integral to the awarding of custody.


Our firm is involved at every step in the child custody process. We can file a motion to have a child custody evaluator from the Department of Children and Families appointed. This evaluator can help recommend visitation and the recommendation is highly regarded by the court when determining child custody. In most cases, a parent coordinator will be appointed by the Court to help facilitate and determine what is in the best interests of the child, and endeavors to open a line of communication with the parents.


There are times you may have to return to Court even after a custody order if one party isn’t adhering to the term of the Court Order or under certain circumstances when a modification is in the best interests of the child. Our firm can assist you with these post-custody order proceedings.

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